The Injection Experience is more than a moment – it is a cyclical journey, where the feelings that surround anticipation, preparation and injection have a cumulative impact and can jeopardize medication adherence.

It's Time to Reimagine
the Injection Experience

Research suggests that anxiety, distress, or phobias are present in upwards of 94% of insulin injectors with people with diabetes who have good glycemic control, HbA1c 7% or less, reporting a significantly lower fear of needles than those with HbA1c > 7%.


Droplet Micron Has Been Designed to Deliver the Best Injection Experience


Up to 42% of people with diabetes report that anxiety impacts adherence.

“Even though I inject every day, I still hesitate before my injections.”

Shorter and thinner needles cause less anxiety, pain and discomfort, and lead to better acceptance and adherence to insulin.


The needle acts as a visual stimulus for pain perception. Just seeing the needle length is correlated to painful insertions (P=0.043).

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“I want a needle that’s so small it seems almost invisible”

Shorter and thinner needles are expected to relieve patient pain and fear caused by the visual stimulus of the needle’s appearance.


Clinical studies demonstrate that penetration force is correlated with insertion pain with higher gauge needles reporting less occurrence and intensity of pain. 47% of patients report that they would improve their adherence if a product eased pain.

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The results show that peak penetration force can have a wide range of standard deviation,1 which could influence anticipatory anxiety and perceived pain.



A thinner needle will reduce needle penetration force (PF) and patients can expect a more comfortable injection due to experiencing less pain


Droplet Micron was designed to help free people with diabetes from this routinely anxious cycle so that people injecting diabetes medications feel better about every injection, every time.

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At 34G x 3.5mm, Droplet Micron is the shortest and thinnest pen needle, ever!

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The tapered and polished tip was designed for maximum comfort, prompting 98% of people to recommend Droplet Micron to others.

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Droplet Micron lowers penetration force by 50%

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“The difference is noticeable (with Micron)!
It was smooth and needed less force.”

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Help People with Diabetes See, Feel, and Experience the Micron Difference!

SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE the difference

The Droplet Micron Educator Kit includes visual and demonstrative tools, and a refreshing way to educate injection technique. Request your samples and complimentary educator kit below.







See The Difference

A magnification cube provides a visual size demonstration of Droplet Micron’s shorter and thinner needle versus alternative pen needles






Feel the Difference

With an injection pad and samples, you can physically feel the difference in penetration force between Droplet Micron and alternative pen needles while practicing proper injection techniques





Experience the Difference

Additional materials and information intended to help inform and educate your patients with diabetes on how to break the cycle and improve adherence





See the Difference in Penetration Force in Action


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